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Shanghai Grand Light Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that works on developing and producing LED lamps for outdoor lighting, as well as control system for city landscape lighting.

In 1999, Shanghai Grand Light Light-fixture Co. Ltd was registered and built.

In 2000, the brand of “Grand Light” was registered.

In 2001, the first Grand Light guardrail lamps passed the test by National Lamps Quality Inspection Center and received Quality Inspection Certificate.

In 2003, Grand Light publicly displayed abstract display screen application by LED RGB guardrail lamps on Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition as the first professional factory in China, which drew very high attention of domestic and overseas lighting workers.

In 2004, LED full color landscape lighting project by Grand Light came into practical application phase. Shanghai Cross Region Plaza Project that finished in October, 2004 is still in normal working now, which has been nearly for 10 years and completely shown durability of Grand Light products.

In 2005, more than 3000 sets of meteor shower lamps that are first created in global by Grand Light applied on Shanghai West Nanjing Road, which sort of lamps has been all over the world now.

In 2006, Shanghai Grand Light Technology Co., Ltd was registered. Nantong Coastal Park Laser Tower Project was successfully finished, which stands for historical breakthrough of controlling lamps in non-standard arrangement by full color control system from two-dimension to three-dimension. Moreover, it completed synchronous linkage control by multi off-line system, presenting various artistic scene effects, which made a great record in Grand Light lighting control development.

In 2007, it perfectly combined the landscape lighting with outdoor advertisement in Suzhou Industrial Park International Mansion Project.

In 2008, as the most important integrated supplier of device and lighting control system, Grand Light received the second award of China Illumination Prize in Beijng Central Radio and TV Tower Project.  lighting and lighting controller system integrator in the project of Beijing Central Radio and TV Tower landscape lighting, Grand light gained more recognition by illumination experts. Grand Light not only successfully realized the highest and biggest abstract full color display screen in abnormal shape in the sky of Beijing city, but also concentrated controlled all the lamps in various types that were provided by different professional companies in China. It is historical breakthrough that techniques of Serial-Shift control and BUS control firstly worked well in the same project!

In 2009, A Series of national important projects had successfully completed, such as Shanghai Garden Bridge Project, Hangzhou Qingchun Square Project, Suzhou International Expo Center and so on. Artistic lighting control system of Grand Light has gradually taken BUS control protocol as master control method, whose stability had greatly improved. Meanwhile, successful solution of linkage control techniques by many computers marked that large data of lighting control is not the choke point any more.

In 2010, Shanghai Grand Light deeply participated in Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion Project which has an honor to win the first prize of Architectural Lighting by Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society. In the same year, many projects were implemented smoothly, such as Shanghai Bund Tunnel Project, Inner Street at World Expo Cultural Center, Shanghai Dawning Center, Wujin Radio and TV Tower, and so on. Brand impact of Grand Light had been improved unprecedentedly.

In 2011, Some projects were implemented smoothly, such as Guangzhou Pazhou WESTIN Hotel, Shanghai Steel Trading Mansion, Zhejiang Keqiao Building Group Lighting, and so on. Outstanding lighting effects and stability further consolidated brand impact of Grand Light in the industry.

In 2012, Chengdu Zhonghai Building landscape lighting, Huzhou Sheraton Hotel outdoor floodlight were finished smoothly. Huzhou Sheraton Moon Hotel Project completed smoothly, which marked that the first extra-large lighting project in China had emerged by using independent control for R/G/B/W four colors. A bright “Pearl” rises above the South Tai Lake.

In 2013, Shanghai Zhongshan Park Building Group Landscape Lighting Project and Suzhou High-New Technology Park Phase II Landscape Lighting Project were completed smoothly, which marked that lighting control system provided by Grand Light was improved to a new height of synchronous linkage control by using either wired or wireless pattern. It truly broke through lighting linkage control under limitation of areas, and lighting animation realized synchronous linkage changes on many building, which gave designers much larger space for lighting presentation.

In 2004, Lighting linkage presentation on 96 buildings on both sides of Gan River in Nanchang is one of the most outstanding highlights in landscape lighting projects, whose shocked visual effects comes from artistic lighting control system by Shanghai Grand Light. Breaking through traditional RGB deduction system, Shanghai Grand Light not only made the separate 4000k white light in the lamps take part in the colorful theme presentation, but also enriched architectural lighting on both sides of Gan River. It will set a viewing platform in many different visual angles on both sides of Gan River, and present splendid lighting show on the certain time every day. Many large data of innovative contents will automatically update to the control equipment through internet, which saves much work of manual copy or program changes. This technique of Grand Light is in leading position in China.

We take integrity, profession and cooperation as our faith. We produce more durable LED lamps, and develop lighting control system with stronger function. The final target that our Grand Light members are striving for is completing excellent solution of city landscape lighting, working with either professional design company or engineering company.